Sunday, 3 April 2011

Lighting in Home Decorating

Light is extremely important in home decorating as it influences the appearance of a colour.  Every colour can be enriched, toned-down or highlighted with the right lightning. A room in warm colours and soft lightning can create the most relaxing atmosphere; and a room with cool sharp colours and bright light can be extremely stimulating.

Getting the lightning right is absolutely vital, so make the most of natural light and use artificial one to create the desired effect.  A room can be filled with light and warmth if it is facing north and the walls are painted in a warm yellow.  If the windows are small, you can intensify the light in the room by painting the frames white and use pale warm colours for the rest of the décor. Coloured glass can change the mood by glowing in a room, and the sun shines beautifully through the glass.

You can easily transform your living room, from a playroom for the children at day time, to intimate atmosphere in the evenings by clever lightning tricks.  For a soft ambient use dimmer switches, concealed lights, table lamps and up-lighters; use spotlights for work areas such as TV, hi-fi and game consoles; and small spots to emphasize art, flowers and other accessories. 

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