Thursday, 21 April 2011

Wall Tattoos

A unique way to decorate your walls is by graphic, which can either be as wall decals (vinyl stickers) or your one “home-made” wall art. 
Wall stickers are the “new thing” in home decorating and give a contemporary look to a room; they come in any colour and design so there's something for everyone.  Apply some floral designs on one wall in a room for a lively and playful feeling, or add a cheeky quote in the bathroom for fun. You can combine a few elements to create a scene in the kids’ bedroom. The possibilities are limitless. They're also easy to apply and to remove.
If you’re feeling in an arty mood you can create a wall design yourself; all you need is some acrylic paint, brushes and a steady hand. Be careful though, it’s harder than it sounds and paint is not removable.  Decide on the design, draw it by crayon on the wall (use an eraser if you make any mistakes) and then just go over it in acrylic paint; you can also opt for stencils.  

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