Saturday, 7 May 2011

Organic Architecture

I know that this subject doesn’t fit exactly in the area of home decorating, but you can certainly find some interesting ideas on how to bring nature more into your home.
It is an earth house and it's wonderful; close as can be to nature and extremely low-impact as it’s dug into a hillside. It was actually a DIY project, handled by people with no skills and qualification in building or carpentry whatsoever, but with a huge amount of perseverance and self-confidence. The house cost about £3000 to build and it’s made of wood, stone, straws and other recycled materials. It uses solar panels for energy (lighting), water from a nearby spring and a compost toilet.
It’s a way of embracing nature, a way of life and it takes courage and determination to complete such a project…but the result is beautiful and we can certainly take it as a fine example of architecture.

For more info visit this link.

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  1. It's purely unique creation.
    I'm from houses in stoke on trent appreciated your post .