Friday, 18 March 2011

Aqua and Turquoise – Calming and relaxing

Aqua takes its name from the greenish blue of shallow water where the sea meets the sand. Turquoise is the blue-green colour of a semi-precious stone found in the Arizona desert and the Native American Navajo tribe believe that the colour has protective powers.

The blue-greens are highly flexible and look good both inside and outdoors, where their energy is not diminished by bright sunlight. Aqua is the dreamier of the two colours, and looks particularly good with colours that have the same relaxing properties, such as the whole range of lavenders.

Turquoise blue looks soft in pastel shades, and light turquoise has a modern twist when combined with rich earthy brown. Full strength turquoise is best used on small areas where it really impresses when combined with its complementary red-orange. Other earthly colours that look good with it are ochre yellow and Sienna red.  Aqua works well for large areas, particularly with textured broken or chalky paint finish. In contrast, pale warm pink and terracotta suit very well - and it looks great with icy sky-blue woodwork.   

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