Monday, 21 March 2011

Purple - Serenity

Being surrounded by lilac and purple is said to help us achieve serenity. But purple is the colour of contradictions – it also has a strong associations with royalty and mourning. Purple is linked to creativity and it favoured by artists, musicians and those who tend towards an eccentric, bohemian lifestyle. It is believes to have a negative influence on people with susceptible temperaments, and those prone to depression should avoid it.
The colour ranges between blue and red, with blue-violet at one end and maroon at the other. Violet is the darkest and deepest colour of the spectrum. The more red a purple contains, the warmer and more comforting it becomes. Deep purples are too heavy for large areas, but are tremendous for adding depth, richness and colour accents to a room.
Pale lilacs, lavenders and violets have opposite effect, and are excellent for walls and ceilings. Used in harmonious colour schemes, their effect is cool but comfortable, making them ideal for bedrooms and studies. In a room used for more sociable activities, the colour works best with warm contrasts, such as earthy oranges and deep yellows.

Royal purple is the colour of robes and pageantry. It is associated with wealth and luxury of the highest order. The look and feel of silk, velvet and satin are well suited to purple. Violet is the deepest spectrum colour. Decorating with this colour indicates confidence with contemporary style. Lavender is a soft pale purple, which is infused with relaxing meditative powers. It can be masculine or feminine, and is enhanced by proximity of blues and greens.

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