Thursday, 17 March 2011

First things first ... Let's talk about COLOUR!

Colour is something we take very much for granted because everything we see has a colour as a shape and size. Choosing the right colour combinations for our homes will help us to create rooms that make us feel good.  We all have personal favourites; for example, we choose our clothes from a mixture of our instinctive colour preferences and what is currently fashionable. Where decorating is concerned, however, the stakes are higher, because mistakes can be both expensive and time-consuming. It makes sense to use some of your planning time to find out more about colour and how it can be used to the most positive effect in your home.
Colour also affects our state of mine; some believe in its power to cure illness. Whether or not you believe in the more cosmic theories about colour, there is certainly scientific proof that colour can warm us up or cool us down. Using obvious literal associations, sunshine yellow makes us feel warm and deep blue cools us down. When the eyes sees that lovely yellow, the brain interprets and associates it with warm sunshine, and the opposite happens with a cool icy blue – it’s mind over matter.

Colour associations:

RED – love-life-power-flames-heat-rubies-berries-blood-danger-strength-hot chillies-fire engines-sealing wax-Christmas-revolution-sex-cherries

ORANGE – oranges-Chinese lanterns-pumpkins-spices-goldfish-sunset-autumn leaves-marmalade-rust

BLACK AND WHITE – the 1920s-the 1930s-tiles floors-newsprint-photography-chess boards-piano keys-penguins

GREEN – grass-leaves-ferns-cool-calm-sea-hills-ecology-planet-growth-tea-peppers-olives-avocados-lizards-cactus-vegetables-mint ice cream

AQUA AND TURQUOISE - oceans-dreams-imagination-sensitivity-freshness-holidays-summer-mountain streams-Navajo jewellery-Ancient Egypt

BLUE - sea-freshness-mountains-cold-aquamarines-sapphires- sadness-bluebells-ribbons-jeans-berries-birds-heaven-duck eggs-intelligence-calm

PURPLE – robes-violets-plums-heather-heliotrope-aubergines-passion-sky-lilac-lavender-mourning-luxury-grapes-psychics-the Sixties

PALE PINK - softness-baby girls-face powder-meringues-sugared almonds-strawberry ice cream-piglets-roses-clouds-candy floss-fresh plaster-sea shells

HOT PINK – passion-heat-tropics-celebrations-exotic flowers-lipstick-Indian saris-Chinese lanterns-spices-seaside rock-lobsters

METALLICS-wealth-glamour-worship-marriage-opulance-celebration-luxury-solidity-weight-shimmer-good luck

YELLOW-sunshine-gold-straw-saffron-bananas-custard-daffodils-canaries-primroses-warmth-ducklings-the moon


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