Wednesday, 30 March 2011


As a metallic, silver is the colour of the moon, it symbolizes security, intelligence, maturity, conservative, balance and also has a feminine influence.  For instant cool in a room, silver is the right colour to choose, it is sharp with a reflective mirrored surface and it compliments most other colours. 

It is the colour of metals such as stainless steel, aluminium, chrome, tin, zinc and galvanised steel; and they have been making a stand in home decorating since the appearance of the industrial style.  Silver is mostly preferred in the kitchen, where it dominates as stainless steel in sinks, appliances and work surfaces.  Chrome also has its place in the kitchen as the metal of toasters, kettles and food mixers.

 In other parts of the house you can introduce silver as accessories or even on walls matched with other colours such rosy pink, purple and lilac. It works well with soft fabric textures that share silver’s reflective abilities like silk and velvet. For a soothing and relaxing result mix silver with white and lavender and add some crystal accessories and mirrors, this will give the room an air of elegance.

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