Thursday, 31 March 2011

Creating illusions in home decorating

In strangely proportioned rooms, colour can be your best solution, this mostly happens in houses that are converted in flats. When a large area gets divided in smaller ones, the result might be an unusual one, for example high ceilings can make a room feel smaller, so the cheapest way to improve it is to use colour cleverly.  Also, light painted walls reflect light, so the room will appear larger and brighter, while dark painted ones will have the opposite result.
  •    Make low ceilings seem higher by painting the walls in a dark colour and the ceiling in a light one or white, floor length drapes will also help.
  •   High ceilings painted in a darker colour than the walls will reduce the height of the room
  •   To make a room that is long and narrow look wider, paint the longer walls in a cool blue or green, so that the walls appear to regress and paint the narrower walls in a deep, warm shade, and they will appear to advance.
  •  If a room is small, paint the walls in a warm colour to create a feeling of cosiness and add mirrors to create an illusion of space.
  •  In a small house or flat, link the colour of the corridors to match with the room colour and remove doors to achieve an open-plan area.
  •  Pint undesirable pipework the same colour as the background, preferably in a matt finish paint because the shapes don’t catch the light as much.
  •   Make a simple square room more interesting by adding blocks of colour, stripes, stencilled moulding and designs.
  • Striped walls can help to visually spread out a room and make it look larger or higher, and will also give a very contemporary look.

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