Friday, 25 March 2011

Hot Pink – Passionate

Passionate pink is a feminine colour; it’s hot, spicy and a courageous choice for home decorating but will grant a room instant sex appeal and vitality. It is the colour of dazzling cactus colour flower, where extreme visibility is needed to attract pollinating insects to ensure the plant’s survival.

It gives an exotic appeal as the colour pigments have been made in India and the Far East for centuries.  The best examples of beautiful hot pink are Indian saris, Chinese silks and shimmering satins. It’s the perfect colour for a love nest, but is also a fun colour to use in other parts of the home.  Because, like red, hot pink will make a room look smaller, it should only be used where that is the desired result.

In the East this colour is frequently used with gold, but this should be done carefully, as an extra, or the effect may not be pleasant. Mixing it with other strong colours, like crimson red will keep it spicy. With other intense colours like purple, emerald and peacocks blue will create an ethnic look. Patterns like swirls, geometrics and stylised flowers in hot pink, yellow, orange, apple green and white proclaim an allegiance to 1970s revival style. This colour is best suited for use in a room where there is limited natural daylight or where the room is mainly used in the evenings.

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