Friday, 25 March 2011

Pale Pink - Soothing and rejuvenating

Pale pink is a wonderfully flattering colour. It seems to suit all complexions and bring a warm glow into any room. This is the colour of the inside of a seashell, apple blossom in springtime, strawberry ice cream and many other pretty things. Pink is associated with sweetness and innocence. It is a life colour, a signal of health and well-being.

Pink is a colour well-suited for use over large areas. Its character is influenced by other colours- with dove grey, it is sophisticated; with pale lemon yellow, white and powder blue, it is nursery soft; but with faded aqua and terracotta red, it is typically Mediterranean. Pink is the natural colour of freshly plastered walls, a delicious warm earthy pink with a rustic character that is enhanced by deeper terracotta shades, natural wood and deep greens. Mixed with verdigris and ochre, it is reminiscent of faded pink villas on Tuscan hillsides.

Rosy pink is softer and sweeter, the colour of cascades of rambling roses around cottage doorways. Pink need not always be seen as exclusively feminine and can be very bold and striking in the deeper salmon shades that are tinged with orange.
It is easiest to imagine a colour when we have several sensory references. We recall the taste, smell, appearance, sound and texture and create a perfect imagine in our mind’s eye. It is impossible to think of sweet peas of also conjuring up their scent. Each of these pale pinks tickles the senses in a different way. Rose pink mixes well with deeper reds, white, sky blue, and pale and mid green. Salmon pink, black and cream create a smart look. Pale looks equally delicious in chalky distemper paint or high gloss.
Pale pink is an undemanding colour it live with and is useful for softening hard edges and creating a rosy glow. It is adaptable background colour that feels equally at home in the nursery or the office. Baby pink looks sweet with white or cream and other pastel shades, but it can also look sophisticated alongside steel grey; or funky with sharp lime green or turquoise. Pale pink with black shouts 1850s glamour, pink gingham has a cute French style and plaster pink is popular in the Country Style palette.

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