Thursday, 24 March 2011

Brown - Comforting

Comforting brown is the colour of wood, leather, crumbly earth, dogs and horses, freshly baked bread, coffee beans, pebbles in a stream, bowls filled with nuts and, maybe best of all – chocolate.
It is a colour that is always warm, whether combined with red, green or yellow. Brown appears somewhere in most rooms as the colour of polished wood, but it often not qualified as being part of the colour scheme. The Victorians, especially the Arts and Crafts movement, used brown a lot for wallpaper, fabric and carpet patterns and it was the dominating colour of homes in the 1940s, in a very dull way during the war years. In the 1970s, orange and brown was the trendiest combination, and now brown has returned in fashion as part of the natural palette.

Dark brown works well with soft sap green, taupe and olive for eco-style room; or contemporary dark wooden furniture mixed with pale jade and deep plum walls. Deep chocolate brown and cream striped walls look delightful in a dining room, and red-brown floor lies infuse a kitchen with warmth. It looks good with khaki greens and creams and also bright colours and cool shades of lilac and turquoise. 

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