Monday, 21 March 2011

Orange - Energising

Energising orange is like the child in the family of colour. It is hugely attractive, positive and full of zing; sociable, direct, creative and secure. Orange is a warm, cheerful colour, symbolising prosperity, and both physical and mental energy. It is associated with brilliant autumn leaves against blue skies, the warmth of leaping flames and the pumpkin lanterns at Halloween parties.
Orange is light-reflective and can considerably increase both the light and our perception of warmth in a room. It is a good choice for entrance halls and rooms where people gather to socialise. The freshest shade of orange is the colour of the skin of the ripe fruit, and contains all its promise of sunshine, sparkling good health and pleasure.

Bright orange can cause a sensory overload and needs balancing with a cool colour such as aqua, blue or green. The addition of white will remove most of orange’s vivacious impact but none of its warmth, creating a more subtle, mellow colour. The Georgians used oranges in their print rooms, as was all the rage in the 1920s and again in the 1970s.

Burnt orange is one of the richest natural earth colours. It is versatile and can mix with other deep natural pigments, or be the focal point in a sophisticated minimalist room. Sharp orange is vivacious. It refuses to be taken seriously and is the one to choose for a witty retro-fashion statement. Pale orange is a creamy, mellow colour that is warm and welcoming. It feels hospitable and looks fabulous with its opposite number – icy blue. Pale orange’s warmth matches the coolness if the stainless steel, chrome and glass.

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